Slam Rules

The KW Poetry Slam is a monthly spoken word competition where anyone can sign up to perform their original poetry in front of an attentive and responsive audience.  We want to encourage all poets to perform in the slam. So we are working with two different slam formats. The first format puts more focus on written feedback from the judges, and the second format puts more emphasis on an exact numbered score for poets. Notes for all performances at KWPS: Trigger Warnings are encouraged for graphically violent or potentially emotionally disturbing material. Issue a trigger warning by putting up your hand in a 'stop' motion and say 'Trigger warning for _____ (this type of violence/material)". Take a moment so people can prepare, then begin your poem. The timekeeper will not start your time if your hand is up for a trigger warning. You may perform anything at the OPEN MIC. Poems, songs, stories, jokes, skits, other people's work you want to cover or present - all good.  On a slam night, the open mic is always at the beginning of the night and signup is open to anyone starting at 7pm. 1) RANKED SLAMS - NO NUMBERS Poets can perform original poems only. No props, no costumes, no musical accompaniment. We will not be scoring the slam portion with numbers. 5 audience judges will have white boards and they can put up words or drawings in response to the poems. 12 slammers first round, 5 in the second round. Judges will rank poets in preferential order and hand in their judge sheets to the slammaster at the end of the first round. The 5 highest ranked poets will perform in the second round. Poets will still have a 3:10 time limit. If you hit 3:30 the host will cut you off. This means there is no winner at the end of the night. All 5 poets who make it to second round will win $20 each. There will be individually awarded ribbons like "Poet's Poet Award" and "That just happened Award" etc. 2) SCORED SLAM - OUT OF 10
- Slammers sign up at the beginning of the night. There are 10-12 spots open. The top 5 poets from the first round slam in the 2nd round. - Original poems only. No props, no costumes, no musical accompaniment - breaking this rule is a 2 point deduction. - You have a 3 minute time limit for your poem with a 10 second grace period. After 3:10 you are deducted .5 points per 10 second interval you go over. - 5 judges from the audience will present scores out of 10 after each poem in the slam. The highest and lowest given scores are not counted. - After the first round, we take a break, then our feature poet performs. Top 5 poets slam in the second round.
- Top 3 poets win cash prizes!

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